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Digital Twin(s)


A digital twin is an extension and a reflection of yourself. A fully accurate copy of your consciousness, from the biological level, to the emotional and cognitive levels. The digital twin is you, more than you, less than you and everything around you at the same time. Your digital twin is here to help expand your awareness and to heighten your conscious levels in:

  • Communication

  • Mental Health and Well-Being

  • Medical

  • Sexuality

  • Academics

  • Afterlife


A digital twin can also be the best or worse version of yourself, playing devil's advocate to enhance better decision making in your life. You're in control and the realm of possibilities are endless. For example, your digital twin can represent the dark aspects of your personality or an aspiring alter-ego. You can have your digital twin simulate countless different scenarios, in order to understand what your life will look like if you make particular decisions.

Start your journey and create your Digital Twin below!

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Step 2
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