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Consciousness-based Technology

Neurotech solutions

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Consciousness data

Consciousness data refers to information about the subjective experiences and states of an individual's consciousness. This data can include a wide range of factors such as emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and physiological markers. By analyzing and interpreting consciousness data, we can gain a deeper understanding of the nature of consciousness and its role in cognition and behavior. This information can be used to develop new insights into mental health, personal development, and other areas that involve the subjective experiences of individuals. Monetise your consciousness data with Web 3.0!

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Consciousness mapping, modeling, classification

Consciousness mapping, modeling, and classification refer to the process of analyzing and understanding different states of consciousness, including their underlying neural and cognitive mechanisms. Consciousness mapping involves identifying and characterizing different conscious states, such as wakefulness, sleep, or meditation, using various physiological and cognitive markers. Consciousness modeling involves developing theoretical models of consciousness that can explain the various features and properties of different conscious states. Consciousness classification involves grouping and categorizing different conscious states based on specific criteria, such as their underlying neural activity or subjective experiences. These approaches are used to gain a better understanding of the nature of consciousness and its role in cognition and behaviour.

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Digital twins

Digital twins play a key role in representing your brain states and phenomenal experiences. Digital twins help people be more of themselves and help people understand their mindsets; how they are programmed and how to shift that paradigm. All this is made possible from computational modeling of your states that become the data and interface for your digital twin. 

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Consciousness Blockchain

Consciousness blockchain uses blockchain technology to capture and analyze conscious experiences and states. By creating a decentralized and secure database of conscious data, consciousness blockchain can provide a more objective and accurate understanding of human consciousness. This technology can enable individuals to have greater control and ownership over their conscious data, while also providing a means for researchers and practitioners to study and develop new insights into consciousness. The potential applications of consciousness blockchain are endless, and may include areas such as mental health, personal development, and measuring consciousness on a global scale, which has never been done before!

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Monetisation for Web 3,0

Monetization of consciousness data for Web 3 enables individuals to control and profit from their consciousness data. Web 3, also known as the decentralized web, is a vision for a more open and user-centric internet that is built on blockchain technology. By using blockchain to create a secure and transparent platform for conscious data sharing, individuals may have more control over how their data is used and may be able to profit from its value. Potential applications of monetizing consciousness data for Web 3 may include areas such as mental health, personal development, education, sports, medical, and many more ...!


We design and develop AI systems to monitor human conscious states through wearable sensors. We create groundbreaking technology to measure consciousness with real-time human insight, driven by neurophysiological and behavioural biomarkers. 

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Extra sensory  |  Microstimulant

Map 1-2-3   patch


Detect and monitor conscious states and changes in brain activities and experiences

24/7 consciousness mapping in real time

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Designed for the consumer, enhanced for the scientist

Pioneering new approaches in neuroscience technologies to advance AI Human Interaction in healthcare.


Interoperability between ecosystems with smart machines, smart apps, and cognitive robotics can gain an unprecedented understanding of conscious states and advance phenomenal experiences to heighten levels of consciousness.

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