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Leveraging AI and digital twin technology to map, model and classify the mechanisms of your consciousness



Consciousness AI Interface

Map | Model | Classify | Consciousness


AI Consciousness  Interface

Map | Model | Classify | Consciousness

Understand your consciousness

Tools to Learn  |  Identify  |  Develop

We provide life tools to help you understand your cognitive and emotional processes, identify limiting or unhelpful thought patterns, and develop targeted strategies for self-assessment and personal growth.


Life begins in the mind, where every thought, decision, and memory originates. By exploring your conscious experiences since birth, you can gain valuable insights into your life journey and how your current state of mind became to be.

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Neurons are information messengers

Map | Model | Classify


Our understanding of neurons and brain information processing and transmission leads us to trace the root source of consciousness in the claustrum region, making mapping, modeling, and classifying neurons essential for accurately identifying brain states.

Computational Neuroscience

To solve when and where consciousness arises, we continuously monitor neural activity using a distributed database akin to blockchain technology. Our approach leverages computational simulations, mathematical modeling, and theoretical neuroscience to uncover the governing principles of consciousness and its underlying mechanisms.

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Access your conscious states with our easy to use Map123 solution to derive consciousness data. Let us translate your data into a range of executions, providing an evidence-base solution to understand the nature, function and underlying mechanisms of your conscious states.

Let your data get you to higher consciousness
  • Intercommunicate with machines

  • Experience expanded versions of you

  • Monetisation - Web 3


Consciousness mapping is a group of neuro technologies analysing and observing widespread neural activity, extracting information from biomarkers in the neural networks that come harmoniously together to provide and predict the contents and levels of consciousness


Modeling conscious states enables the investigation of underlying mechanisms, fostering a deeper understanding of the complex processes driving consciousness


Classifying and characterising conscious states is crucial to understanding consciousness, as it involves discerning unique experiences and exploring their underlying neural and cognitive mechanisms

Digital Twin(s)

Digital twins model brain states to characterize consciousness, offering insights and bridging the subjective-objective gap. These models facilitate hypothesis testing, mental health intervention development, and understanding structured experiences tied to complex representations and biology


Consciousness Ai

Measuring informational states
Identify mechanisms, develop metrics

One of the challenges in understanding consciousness is that it is an internal experience that cannot be directly observed or measured in others. Our solution to this challenge is to leverage the power of AI to model and analyze neural activity, which can aid in investigating neural correlates of consciousness and develop new technologies for enhancing the next generation of generative AI. This approach allows us to collect information on a vast range of discernible states, based on distinct underlying neural mechanisms.


Our consciousness-based technology enables the accurate identification and classification of various conscious states. This allows for a deeper understanding of consciousness, leading to new technologies that enhance our ability to study, measure, and ultimately, unlock the mysteries of the mind.

W  E  B  3
Monetisation  of
conscious states

Modeling metrics of conscious states can be used to entrain desired mindsets. Each conscious state has unique impression metrics that can be analyzed and leveraged. With the rise of Web 3 monetization models, these metrics can be utilized to optimize user experiences and streamline commercial applications.

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