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Our Mission

Blending Human, Machine, and Consciousness: The Future of Innovation.


Our mission is to create a comprehensive platform for interdisciplinary research and development, advancing our understanding of the neural basis of consciousness and paving the way for transformative breakthroughs in neuroscience, healthcare and beyond. 


"we help companies make great products with our consciousness-based technologies "


Our consciousness-based technologies seek to bridge the gap between humans, machines, and AI through the organic integration of a more unified and immersive user experience that enhances the connection and integrity of holistic mind-to-machine computing.


Our Story

Our journey began with the realisation that as smart machines, apps, and products evolve and become increasingly intelligent, there remained a critical problem:  a growing sense of disconnection between humans and technology. We recognised that interacting with machines in a natural and intuitive way can be challenging, leading to decreased effectiveness and dissatisfaction. 


As a result, we set out to bridge the gap between humans and machines by developing consciousness-based technologies, which have the potential to create a more unified and immersive user experience. By integrating these technologies into Al-based products and devices, we can create more personalised and engaging experiences for users, driving increased adoption and user engagement like never before. 

Our solution is to develop technologies that can detect and respond to the conscious states of users, enabling personal, intuitive, and seamless interactions between humans and machines. By doing so, we can enhance the overall value and utility of products, while also promoting accessibility and user-friendliness. More importantly, the connection and the integrity of the mind-machine interface.


Our goal is to continue exploring and developing technologies that transform human-machine interactions, leading to a new era of more holistic, intuitive, and biologically-informed interfaces that seamlessly integrate with our surroundings.

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