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Assessing Days of Conscious Experiences

Digital Mapping of Conscious States

How many days have I lived?

Investigating Our Consciousness: Measuring conscious experiences through the assessment of lived days and significant events offers valuable insights into how these experiences shape our conscious states. By examining our life's journey and engaging in introspection, we can gain a better understanding of our present circumstances and the influence of our past. This understanding enables the creation of digital twins—virtual counterparts that reflect our identities. Utilising digital twin technology to map, model, and classify our conscious states further unveils the complexities of our awareness. These processes represent the classification and categorisation of informational states, laying the groundwork for a structured exploration of consciousness.

Measuring Life and Mind: Computing Our Days of Consciousness

Computing Our Days: The concept of time is closely linked to our understanding of consciousness. By calculating the number of days we have lived, we uncover insights into our emotional and cognitive experiences and their connections to historical events, milestones, and life expectancy. Recognising the three major stages of life - childhood and adolescence, early adulthood, and late adulthood - helps us to better grasp the nuances of our conscious existence within these different periods. This understanding enriches our appreciation of our consciousness. Introspection during these stages can optimise our time and decision-making processes. Moreover, quantifying our time on Earth improves digital twins' ability to model our conscious states, promoting personal development and inner self-exploration..


To facilitate the generation of a digital twin capable of emulating your virtual presence, we will initiate the process by devising a framework grounded in the scientific analysis of your birth date information. Let's get started!

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